Find your own way to enjoy the Palacio Viejo


All-enclosed bird hide, with one-way glass, constructed of wood to keep the temperature milder and to be unobtrusive. It has interior seats and capacity for four people.

Currently the observatory is at full capacity since it has created the habit of birds approaching to eat.

Guided trips (on our property and in the surrounding area): we work in collaboration with local specialist guide companies, such as Iberian Nature.

Astronomical observation

Our observatory is a mere 50 meters from the house, and if necessary can be approached by car to carry any heavy equipment.

We provide an enclosed secure place so that you do not need to install and uninstall your equipment every time.

There is no need to worry if you don’t have professional equipment: our Extremeño nights are wonderful per se, as this is one of the best places in Spain for stargazing.

Other activities

There are many other hobbies that can you practice here to explore our environment, such as trekking, cycling or photography. You can also learn about farm work and take part in it, giving us a hand at maintaining our property, taking care of the cattle or gardening. Kids always love getting to know our animals!

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Os esperamos!


Due to the current exceptional situation, we have made some changes to our daily routine in order to make your stay an enjoyable and safe experience!
See you soon!

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