At Palacio Viejo we are particularly proud of our cuisine. We always use organic ingredients,and our fruit and vegetables are mostly seasonal and locally produced. We try to be true to our traditions by following and adapting the recipes that generation after generation have used here. We add no frills and our cuisine is genuine. You may find some of our dishes heavier than others, but they are always keeping to tradition.

We suggest that you take time to enjoy our meals wherever you prefer: in the dining room by the fireplace, or – weather permitting – in the garden, on the veranda or underneath our vine-covered pergola. It is entirely up to you.


Included in the bill

We provide a full varied breakfast so that you can begin your day energetically. Freshly-made juice, sponge cake, home-made jam, and, of course, toast with local tomatoes and ham.

Your hearty breakfast will provide all that you need to be ready for the day ahead and anything it might bring.

If you are a very early bird, we can adapt breakfast time for you. Please, do not hesitate to ask.


Picnic from € 12

If you want to take advantage of our natural surroundings, and prefer to eat outdoors, we can provide a full picnic.

There are two options: either two sandwiches or one sandwich with a salad.  In addition, we provide a large bottle of water per person and a piece of fruit.


from € 30

At Palacio Viejo we try to achieve a good balance between tradition and innovation in the kitchen, always using local products. We provide a taste of our own childhood, as many of the recipes we prepare come from our family cookbook.

Our menu changes every day, and always according to your desires. Water is provided, other drinks are additional. Please do not hesitate to ask for our local wine list. You will love them all!

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Os damos la bienvenida

Debido a la situación sanitaria actual hemos hecho algunos cambios en nuestro funcionamiento habitual para que podáis disfrutar de vuestro tiempo libre sin preocupaciones.
Os esperamos!


Due to the current exceptional situation, we have made some changes to our daily routine in order to make your stay an enjoyable and safe experience!
See you soon!

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